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Let’s get loud!

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Milena glances and holds her finger to the "Shht" gesture at the mouth.

According to the unofficial pandemic law, I am currently getting in the darker grey area. I mean, I’m just starting a blog and not a podcast like I am supposed to!

And I’m hyped!

Welcome to milenarrative!

I will write about my experiences, but also various topics, which I would like to discuss loudly. (Maybe it’s not so bad that I give up the podcast.)

Hopefully I will experience a lot in the next two years because I’m going to the United World College in Singapore for two years.

Maybe I’ll briefly tell you what UWC is?

UWC is an organization with 18 international schools worldwide. Their goal is to support the students through education in the pursuit of peace and a sustainable future.

In these two years we are working towards the International Baccalaureate (IB), an international school degree for access to universities. Most of the students replace their high school level with UWC or attach UWC to their secondary school.

I still don’t know when my trip to Singapore starts since Singapore doesn’t let in any new students at the moment. I can’t do anything to speed up my entry. It’s time to wait.

In the meantime, you can get to know the movement under “About UWC” and inform yourself about the costs and – very importantly! – the application.

Or you can just follow my blog in the near future.

Best of all, both! I am already looking forward so much to the future and to finally have a platform for my stories again with milenarrative. (‘Finally again’, since I closed my first blog “Das Haus der bunten Bücher” [The House of Colorful Books] in March.)

Definitely expect to hear more from me, because “Let’s get loud!” is certainly not a never-fulfilling New Year’s intention.



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