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By the way, I’m in Singapore now!

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So much has happened in the past few weeks!

First of all: I have arrived safe and sound!

Today is day two of my quarantine at Hotel Grand Hyatt and I’m really fine. My hotel room is really nice, I was really lucky!

My quarantine room in Hotel Grand Hyatt in Singapore
Quite okay, my quarantine room, isn’t it?

The weeks since my last post were marked by different feelings from “OMG, my student pass approval is finally here!” about “I want to have my entry approval right now, everything is annoying!” to “shit, my suitcase is too heavy, what can I leave at home?”

Finally, I received my entry approval on second last Wednesday. Since then everything happened very fast: the say-good-bye-day on Saturday with my family and friends, packing and finally the first flight of my life.

Flying is really fascinating!

To lift with over a hundred tons and to be hundreds of meters far from the ground in just a few minutes, everything becomes so small and wow, just awesome! I could hardly believe that the other passengers just opened their laptops and didn’t stare out of the window even once, as I did it on the one-hour flight from Munich to Frankfurt. My neighbour felt probably noticeably watched on her window seat.

The flight from Frankfurt to Singapore was even more beautiful because I had a) a window seat, b) it was at night and the earth looked so magical with the many glittering lights and c) because we had a lot of space. We had several seats for all of us, so it was possible to lie on a complete seat row at night.

The passengers have grown so close to my heart in this family environment, I really miss them. Well, even if we didn’t talk one word to each other.

Arrived in Singapore

Moana (the Austrian scholar who flew with me) and I admired the beautiful bathrooms at the airport (really!). Then we went to the immigration desk where I lost Moana, which is why we ended up in different hotels.

She was at a different counter than me and after my official entry I looked around and found her no more. I assumed that she was done faster than I was, so I grabbed my luggage and was taken to the bus. Afterwards it turned out that it was me who finished earlier and she had to fill out another form. The distribution to the quarantine hotels depends on which bus you get on.

On our bus there were two young women and three men around 30-40. We talked a little bit and I learned that our hotel once housed a British superspreader. Anyone who wants to know more about my quarantine buddies, ask!

How’s quarantine?

I am not allowed to leave my hotel room and get my food put in front of the door like in a Carthusian monastery. That’s it.

I doubt that I will be bored in the next two weeks, since I have classes as before. The only thing that differs from home are the shorter distances between bed, bathroom, desk and food.

Honestly, I like it so far. Oh, except that I’m yearning for real metal cutlery with all my heart! I can’t even cut an apple with this plastic waste.

GIF which describes my week:


Well, you are up to date, see you next time!



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