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Congratulations for reaching the halfway mark!

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The hotel congratulated me with card and chocolate cookie for having accomplished the first half of my quarantine. And that’s totally reasonable.

I mean, it’s quite exhausting to be in my room, chill and watch Netflix while eating the vegetable curry that was brought to my door. Sometimes I also have a chocolate muffin left from breakfast. That little congratulation is the least!

Apart from the deaths of favorite series characters, my quarantine is quite quiet. The Boarding House provides joyful moments with video conferences or a surprising snack bag at my room door.

Oh, today I had my Covid testing. I was allowed to stay outside in the real air for three minutes! Wow, that was exciting! After the test, all staff thanked me. Uhm, you’re welcome, would you like me to come back tomorrow?

But seriously: The polite atmosphere is beautiful!

And besides … Maybe you’re interested in my view?

The view out of my quarantine room towards a tree and some apartment houses.

These photos are such an impressive example that perspective is powerful and not everything has to be as cool and beautiful as it may be presented.

Therefore now the “uugghh” of my week:

Or the last four weeks. I once realized that my screen time on the phone is quite long, so I limited it by myself with a code so that I will be reminded after 15 minutes: Hmm, maybe you rather put the phone away now?

At some point it was a matter of course for me to click the code away without putting the phone away and recently I made the decision: A new code has to come! Maybe one for that I have to think a little bit about.

Well, you can imagine it: I forgot the code and I am not able to reset it. Mimimi. Yeees, a little bit, but sometimes I really want to post something on Instagram and that’s only possible on my phone!

And yes, I have already tried everything and googled the problem. But I’m not ready to pay 40 euros for a program for my screen time code.

GIF, which describes my week:


Until next time, when I probably can say: I’ve arrived in the boarding house!



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