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So much fun in such a short time!

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“How many program items should we plan for Orientation Week Lite?”
– “Yes”.

That was probably the thought of our house parents, because the last days of our october break were packed with activities. This is good becuase we had so much fun!

Forest adventure, trampoline park, treasure hunt or visiting Marina Bay – it was challenging sometimes, but definitely fun. I am thinking of the two people who teach each other Russian and Spanish and entertained the whole bus. Or of our discussion whether the correct way is left or, as I was 100 percent sure, right. It was left.

Today is the last day of break, tomorrow start eight weeks of school. In the last two weeks, I was able to ignoring the work quite well (really well!), but now I will have to face all the things I kept neglecting.

Hopefully the excuse “Remote Learning you know” will be valid for a few more days.

Likewise, I hope that the following GIF will describe the next few weeks:



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