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Two experiences I’m glad about

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Do you remember when I’ve been at the Beach Clean Up about two weeks ago and I said afterwards: “Well, it won’t be my favorite hobby, but it’s quite okay for one time.”?

And so I participated again on Friday completely voluntarily and on my own initiative and I even become glad when I think back to it.

I was collecting and collecting and planning the party that we could throw with all those collected things. No joking, it would really have been possible!

I found a light bulb, toothbrush and 100 meters away the toothpaste, a lipstick, a bottle with even (once) iced tea in it, several bottles so that everyone has their own vessel to drink (Covid safe, you know!) and of course a lot of straws.

There came a little girl, maybe four years old, and gave me a wooden branch for my garbage bag. That was so sweet, but I explained to her that nature can stay on the beach, of course.

Two minutes later, she threw blue plastic particles into my bag, brought me a straw and all sorts of other things. Five minutes later, she had her own garbage bag in her hand, which she received from her mother.

This experience is definitely sweeter (and more valuable) than the last time when it was only: “Thank you for picking up the trash!”

Not sweet, but just as much valuable was my day yesterday:

With three other girls from the Boarding House, I was allowed to attend the delivery of free meals for people with low incomes and no mobility. These people live in the so-called HDBs, of which there are many in Singapore.

HDBs are governmental housing blocks in which nearly 80 percent [Statistics Singapore] of Singaporeans live. When we saw the apartments, I was reminded how privileged I am. I was able to grow up in a house with a garden and have my own room that is about the size of one of the apartments in the HDBs.

Singapore is not only the metropolis with the skyscrapers where rich people work in chic suits.



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