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December 2020

And don’t forget to unpack your presents!

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I’m writing these lines sitting in the midst of green beauty, a breeze of natural sweetness blows around me, mixed with herbal cigarette scent of the past evening.

Maybe I should not continue with my writer’s career for the time being … The described scene is not invented, but actually illustrates my writing situation with the French host family, which accomodates me for a week.

I like to live in the boarding house and love it to meet my friends right around the corner, but some distance and a little break from the always same environment do well from time to time.

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Bye, Boarding Interns! Hello, Ursula von der Leyen!

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Long time no see! I am curious how often I’ll begin posts in the future in this way. The reason for the absence was initially that not much exciting happened besides my classes, so a blog post would not necessarily have been informative. And now so much has happened.

Before I came to Singapore, I’ve watched every single video about UWCSEA that exists on YouTube. That’s whi I’m so happy to be a part in the new Tampines House Welcome Video now, watch it!öffnet in neuem Tab)

How antithetical that the day of this “Welcome!” video shoot was at the same time “See you soon, we’ll miss you!”-Day.

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