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Take care, see you soon or farewell? Good bye, dear Grade 12s!

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What a busy week has passed! Well, it was already the before last week. I procrastinated for quite a while of writing this post, because it is so closing and final.

Before before last weekend was shaped by party – our Grade 12s had graduated and of course this had to be celebrated.

However, then they had to: Pack, pack and sort out things they don’t want to or can’t take with them. Quickly, our WhatsApp group has been transformed into a flea market group and our houseparents are still shocked when they enter the common room on the third floor, or should I rather say: the second-hand store on the third floor?

Everyone tried to spend as much time together as possible in the last few days, until the classified-ad-messages were replaced by: “I am now in the lobby and want to say goodbye to you.”

I expected a somewhat sad “Take care!”, a confident “I’ll see you again soon”. But what was in the air was much more heavy like if someone had died ​– which is not exaggerated.

Many hugs. Long hugs. Tight hugs that try to grab as many feelings as possible. Because they are last hugs for an uncertain long time, and maybe forever.

We cried. Tears of grief that our life together is over and we don’t know when or if we will meet each other again. Tears of regret for not having spent more time together. But also tears of joy and gratitude to have got to know each other, to have learned from each other and to be connected by experiences.

Memories of cooking together, the musical showcase, going out for food, beach days, film afternoons, dance evenings, cinema, teatime, long conversations.

I learned a lot from our Grade 12s: Estonian dance, film photography (okay, I still practice this) or how the wooden chopping boards should be rinsed (disinfect with boiling water at the end!). Other points of view. Motivation to pull myself together and help with initially unattractive or simply non-lazy work in the community and to participate in activities that aren’t immediately appealing to me.

One last picture together, waving and the door closes.

Thank you for the time together, take care and see you hopefully very soon.

My warmest regards,


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