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Who is the person behind milenarrative?

Hey, I’m Milena, 17 years old and I’m from Bavaria in Germany. But now I’m going to live in Singapore for two years! I will pass the International Baccalaureate at the United World College (UWCSEA). You can find out more about the UWC movement under “About UWC.”

In milenarrative I tell you about my maybe exciting life in the South East Asian city near the equator. I’m sure there’s a lot to tell.

For example, I have never taken a plane in my life. And moving from a 900-inhabitants-village to a 5,7-million-inhabitants-metropolis will probably amaze me.

Apart from travel reports, you can expect essays on topics that concern me right now, excite or also very please. As a foretaste, I link you to my german essay “Gendering? How ridiculous!” on my book blog “Das Haus der bunten Bücher” [The House of Colorful Books].

When I’m not blogging, I’m playing violin or guitar and singing. Besides, I dance and swim. On weekends I go to church as an altar girl. With my altar persons group, I do various activities such as weekends in a youth centre or a game afternoon.

Relaxing is reading a good book or watching a romantic comedy on Netflix.

I condemn the fact that freshly sliced onions really look a lot and when they’ve been fried they collapse to a very too little heap.

If you meet me while brushing my teeth or doing anything, I’m listening to podcasts or music in 95 percent of cases. As podcasts I like “Gemischtes Hack”, the musical podcast “Und bitte.” and the interview podcasts “Alles gesagt?” and “Deutschland3000 – eine gute Stunde mit Eva Schulz”.

My music taste is also colorful. I love musicals (and that’s no guilty pleasure at all!) and I’m a fan of Mozart!, Hamilton and Jesus Christ Superstar. Tip: The Shows Must Go On! is a donation initiative by Andrew Lloyd Webber for artists during the pandemic. Every Friday, a musical is uploaded to YouTube for free viewing for 48 hours. Very cool!

Apart from musicals I’m confusing my Spotify algorithm with Maybebop, Das Lumpenpack, Fynn Kliemann, Kraftklub, Faber, Roger Cicero, Käptn Peng, SDP, Max Richard Lessmann, Pentatonix, AnnenMayKantereit or also Helge Schneider. Follow me on Spotify and stalk my music consumption in the friends’ feed in the desktop version of Spotify.

Now you know a lot about me and it probably now when I should guide you to the end of my introduction.

If you still aren’t fed up with me and have already consumed all the previous posts (have you already seen my bucketlist?), you could read “Das Haus der bunten Bücher” [The House of Colorful Books], my german book blog, on which I’ve have not only been discussing books but also telling episoders of my life (I’m using the past, because the house is no longer entertained). Those ominous episodes can be found in the “Kaffeestüble”.

So long, see you!



written: 8 October 2020

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