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Bye, Boarding Interns! Hello, Ursula von der Leyen!

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Long time no see! I am curious how often I’ll begin posts in the future in this way. The reason for the absence was initially that not much exciting happened besides my classes, so a blog post would not necessarily have been informative. And now so much has happened.

Before I came to Singapore, I’ve watched every single video about UWCSEA that exists on YouTube. That’s whi I’m so happy to be a part in the new Tampines House Welcome Video now, watch it!öffnet in neuem Tab)

How antithetical that the day of this “Welcome!” video shoot was at the same time “See you soon, we’ll miss you!”-Day.

Our Boarding Interns Julia (exactly, my great great granny scholar) and Calvin supported our house parents in tasks such as temperature check because of Covid or do the corridor check-ins in the nights.

But not only that! Julia and Calvin have become like older siblings to us with who we laugh at the weirdest things or have long conversations about our lives and our thoughts.

Although Julia promised to leave UWCSEA and Singapore physically, but not spiritually, and Calvin is still in Singapore, we are all sad to not meeting them anymore on campus every day.

Milena with the Boarding Interns Julia and Calvin
Calvin, me and Julia

By the way, Calvin is responsible for my subject combination

There are six subjects in the IB, three in Higher Level (HL) and three in Standard Level (SL). In summer, I’ve been thinking for a long time which subjects I want to choose from this large variety. Spanish, Theatre, Chinese or maybe Physics?

After a long video call with Calvin back in May, when not even Julia and he knew that they will be our Boarding Interns, I decided to choose Music HL, as well as English and Math. For SL I chose dance (yeah, Music AND Dance: double arts!), German and Environmental Systems and Societies.

After a long conversation with Calvin in November, I said goodbye to Math HL and welcomed Dance HL. Some people envy me for my subject combination and I am also very happy with it.

And what about Ursula von der Leyen?

Last weekend, the “Write for Rights” campaign took place at Boarding House. This is a campaign by Amnesty International that involves writing as many letters as possible to presidents and people in charge who violate essential human rights.

Some participants of "Write for Rights" are posing with their letters.
Done: 230 handwritten letters to human rights violators

We have been writing for 24 hours letters to Ursula von der Leyen (President of the European Commission) to ask her to stand up for the refugees at the EU’s external borders, to Nigeria against police violence, to Egypt for LGBTQ+ rights, to Poland against abortion and to Indonesia for the Bill against Sexual Violence.

With coffee, sweets and conversations about everything possible (yes, also about theodicy) we managed to write 230 letters and I am already happy if/when there is a next time.

Now you’re up to date. See you in the next post!

All the best,


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