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Going to bed before the Little Sandman arrives: my new daily routine

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In spring I was asked what my fears are in terms of my time at UWC. I replied: The worst thing for me would be to have to start school remotely.

And here I am in my room, tired and waiting for my entry approval.

What I’ve been asked the most so far: What time do you have?
The most common reaction to my answer: Wow!

After the first few days of school, which were rather bumpy, I made the (really difficult) decision to change my daily rhythm to Singapore time, which is six hours ahead of us. I even made a pro and contra list! The winner was the alarm at 1.30 am so that I could be on my laptop on time for the start of school at 8 am, half an hour later.

I never thought that daylight was so important for awakening. I need five hours to be awake.

In the meanwhile, I have developed some kind of routine, well, kind of. My meal hours are really messy. You could also express it like Moana, the Austrian UWCSEA scholarship holder: “Somehow, you’re always eating!”

When I’m not eating and the class ends at 9 am (= 3 pm in Singapore), I still have time for homework, some other activities (these come a little too few thanks to Monsieur Procrastination) or a fun call to the boarding house and the rest of the world to the other remote students.

Since I go to sleep at 5.30 pm optimally, I understand why it is so difficult for children to go to bed: The sun is still there! I’m not tired yet (no melatonin formation during the day). Everyone else doesn’t go to bed! Especially when there are some people visiting.

By the way, a plus point for normal time (“winter time”), because with the summer time the sun rises an hour later and with the winter time, it would be dark in the evening. The feelings of Singapore remote students are once again totally ignored in politic decisions. Typically!

Now I have to leave, I have math class now and my way to school is quite long: I mean, I have to open a new browser window.

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